Passing the Torch

The prototype venerable mountain touring steed is now at a new loving home in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Exits Cities (like Anchorage) Rapidly

A good weekend of social riding respectfully passed the Exploration Camping Rig torch into my hands, from Nicholas. It will become my dirt & gravel commuter for the rough route each day and will surely see some activity carrying growlers & a sleeping bag to campfires with friends.

Love at first sight.

You can find adventure anywhere. Jen & her Krampus.

Embraces Civilization Remorsefully

Beautiful night on the Coastal Trail.

The Gypsy.

Jen feeding the Krampus.

Nicholas v Mud

Nicholas the victor.

Jen v Moose

The reward.

Nick & Lael

Nick's fat 29 Mukluk, the 29+ ECR, & Jen's 29+ Krampus

Large ECR vs small Krampus

Photo by Nicholas Carman

Thanks to all who made it such a great weekend and especially to Nicholas for passing the torch.