Photo-a-day Project

one quality image per day, for a year

shot exclusively with fujifilm cameras

I bought my first camera while in college in 2005. Since then, most of my images have been from the wilds of Alaska. Now, in my twelfth year with a camera in-hand, I take on 'the big one:' Project 365.
However, I'm not interested in just capturing one photo a day for a year... Lately, my photography has been mostly limited to a few website posts and social media sharing,
with spattered attempts at keeping a website alive and hard drives literally full of years of unedited images. Gasp.

With deep frustrations of relevancy and self-expression, it was a make-or-break time. A time to push myself hard, very hard, to discover what's inside me. I'm doing this because I need to.
Because I can't stomach any more images going to the hard drive grave. Because I want to do something big, worthwhile, contributing, & influential.

I hope you enjoy this journey as much as I do. I can't wait to see the result, not just in the photos, but also in me.








Photo Books by Northern Minnesota photographer, Jim Brandenburg

all images (C) 2016 Josh Spice