Sunday Funday

Jen, being a non-mom, picked up an overtime shift at her air traffic control job today, so we biked in together, as I was wanting to go on a longish ride, anyway. She asked if I was going straight home or on a long ride and I said I'd take a 'kinda indirect way home.' I should have realized there would eventually be more emphasis on the 'kinda indirect' than 'way home.' What started as a casual ride with Jen and then turning around to go home and get things done quickly became a pleasant 50 mile exploration, taking full advantage of the beautiful weather.

I got a good amount of dirt & gravel in, along with hopping some logs and splashing some puddles. All in all, it was an incredibly nice day with lots of enjoyable, comfortable miles. I even passed a road biker who was cruising along at a brisk pace... except I was riding on the dirt trail parallel to the road... on a mountain bike with 2.25" tires... and fully loaded for four days of touring, including food & water. That felt great. I think I'm ready for Oregon.

Headed to the tower

Ready for the 360 mile Oregon Outback this week

Grumman Goose in town from Anchorage

Nice sidetrack and diversion from the pavement

Almost full leaves

A mid-ride drink sounded like a good idea. Finishing it on the hill climb leaving the store was even better.

What a nice day

Now to go surprise Jen at the tower and ride back home with her... and make it a 70 mile day.