29+ Beargrease

I finally have a real 'mountain bike.' 

After months of debate, I decided to put 29+ on the fast & light Salsa Beargrease XX1. I had 29+ on my Salsa Mukluk for the past year and have loved it, riding it on everything from long paved road tours and hundreds of miles of gravel & dirt Alaskan roads to the beaches of Alaska's Kenai Peninsula.

Below are images of how the 29+ Surly Knards on Rabbit Holes fit on the Beargrease. Even with these Knards having stretched and grown over the past year of being tubeless, they still fit with room to spare. The tightest spot is the seat stay bridge, but I think there is still room for more aggressively knobbed tires, like the Surly Dirt Wizard.

The 29+ Beargrease will be my 'race' bike, not that I plan on doing any races with it, but it'll be used for light & fast(ish) summer bikepacking tours in Alaska and bikepacking trips downstates when winter gets negative... rides like the Stagecoach 400, which I hope to do in November.

Shown with a Becker Sewing & Design Triangle Sack from Fairbanks, AK.

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