The Beginning of a New Path

I assembled my first bike without professional help, straight from the box.
The best part is that it's not just a cool bike; it's my dream bike: the Salsa Fargo Ti.

Just built. (c) Josh Spice 2014

With the roads still covered in ice and snow and the temp hovering just above single digits, I was a little hesitant to take it for its first ride today, but decided to deviate from normality and ride the road instead of the snowy fatbike trails.

I'm so happy with that decision. Step out of the box and experience something different.

As fast as my Beargrease Carbon is, it has nothing on the speed of the Fargo, even on ice and snow. The Schwalbe Racing Ralph tires do very well on the frozen hardpack, even lacking studs.

20 miles of smiles on day one. (c) Josh Spice 2014

I'm very excited for the years to come and all the places this bike and I will go together.